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Oficío – Tasco Atipico

We were commissioned to transform a pre-existent 180sqm restaurant with the typical Chiado vaulted interior in a contemporary ‘Tasca’. Tasca is a traditional portuguese restaurant, that serve home-style food, where you eat at the counter or at tables with no cloth towels. It was at ‘tascas’ that most of the conversations started with a glass of wine and a shared plate of a “petisco”, maybe a salad made of a strange part of the pig or even a simple plate of lupines.

Our main goal was to create an unpretentious young and fresh space to go to with friends and family to eat well and try from every plate.
It’s all about loud places/ sharing / vibrancy/ things that we missed from the pandemic. An fresh young experience from a tradicional Portuguese “cheap” local corner restaurant

To achieve that we designed in the first space a 14 people u-shaped table, that easily you can scoot over and add one or two more friends. connected to the balcon mimicking the typical tasca counters. To emphasize the comunal table we choose stools as the way to experience it, giving more flexibility to the table occupation.

The back room was designed as a dinning area with separate tables gathering around a central terracotta colour bench that connects the two columns. The bench creates a circular flow around the room with another bench on one end and the bar counter on the other end. Here the wainscoting is used to highlight some areas. In between the benches mirrors where used to maximise the space area. The support structure for those mirrors connect the benches to the light fixtures creating a arch inside a vault.

Chairs we upcicled the existing ones from the previous restaurant, as a sustainability approach. Changed the dark yellowish wood and camel coloured faux leather for a light, fresh blue and a warm velvet texture with the same color.

To improve the accoustic and to give an important texture to the space we used a projected insulation material a ecological product and ‘cradle to cradle’ certified, made from recycled cellulose fibers. The specified color is achieved selecting cellulose from specific factories without needing the use of an extra pigment.
For the fabric we used an eco-friendly vegan nabuk effect suede in a terracota and milk foam color.


Chiado, Lisboa








Ana Ferrão, Bruno Pereira, Gilberto Pedrosa, Micael Pepe, Ricardo Nogueira


Francisco Nogueira