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Ana Ferrão

Ana Ferrão is a Spacegram co-founder with a background in Architecture and Urbanism. Currently based in Lisbon, Ana has also lived and worked in Berlin, Zürich and London, working with award-winning studios such as Wiel Arets and Snohetta.

Her passion for design and fashion has amounted to an inordinate amount of personal research into patterns, colours and textures, all of which articulates itself into her creative work. She regularly shifts her focus between interior, product, graphic and fashion design, whilst frequently collaborating with various companies to design collections from wall coverings in cork for Gencork, and jewellery collections for Sepanta Design., product, graphic and fashion design.

Bruno Pereira

Bruno Martins Pereira is a Spacegram co-founder currently living and working in Lisbon. He holds a Masters in Architecture and has worked for a number of award-winning practices – including Zaha Hadid Architects – within prominent design cities such as Berlin and London. Bruno’s desire to discover new realities through design innovation has materialized in his eclectic work, which covers a range of varying disciplines. These include architecture, furniture design, and jewelry design, wherein he merges technology with craft to discover uncharted layers of beauty. His mastery in three-dimensional modeling is characterized by an enduring and passionate flair for beautifully complex forms.

Gilberto Pedrosa

Spacegram co-founder Gilberto Pedrosa has worked in Portugal, Germany, the UK, Australia; and most recently in London with Heatherwick Studio. For the latter, Gilberto worked on projects in the public realm, including Pacific Place Lobbies and the Google headquarters in California.

He graduated from the Faculdade de Arquitectura de Lisboa, with his graduation project being awarded the prestigious Premio Secil. He went on to study at the Architektur Technische Universität Berlin – TU, in Berlin, and recently attended a Post-Graduation conference titled “Architecture, Public, City” at the Autonomous University of Lisbon